About Us

A New World

The legalization of cannabis has brought on a slew of benefits for marijuana enthusiasts. Scientists are now allowed to work freely on optimizing weed consumption, which resulted in new forms of cannabis like shatter and distillate; Psychologists can now work freely with the plant as well, understanding its mental benefits a little bit better; And last but not least, buying weed is now easier and safer than ever, especially with online dispensaries.

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Who are we?

Mail-order Marijuana has been around long before legalization, providing Canadians with a safe way to acquire their medicine. Today, Highrollas is continuing the tradition by offering fast and reliable service for all your marijuana needs.

We cultivate and source the best cannabis products in market and deliver them to Canadians fast and at affordable prices. Our dedication to premium cannabis products ensures that you get the best pre-rolls and flower available in the market. Pair that with our cutting edge customer service the result is the best overall customer experience in the industry.

We value our loyal customers and only want to deliver the best product possible. If our customers are not happy we will do everything in our power to make it right.

What makes Highrollas unique?

Honest Pricing

We are proud of our honesty. Some dispensaries exaggerate the ratings of their flowers and overcharge customers. We take a different approach. As you will see on our product page, we hold A-AAA flower, with the majority being AA+ or AAA. Our prices reflect that as most of our ounces go for 100-160$. Weed is a plant at the end of the day and doesn’t cost as much as some dispensaries will have you pay. Also, keep an eye out for discounts!

Dedicated Customer Service

We understand that communication is essential when running an online business. That is why we have a dedicated staff always ready to answer any questions you may have about payment, shipping or marijuana in general. You can contact us through the form on our Contact page, and we will answer within the next business day.

Essential Products

Highrollas has decided on a concise but practical menu. Instead of buying a bunch of stuff that doesn’t sell, we focused on what we believe marijuana enthusiasts really need and offer it at a lower price. Amongst these products, you may find:


We are known nation-wide for our premium pre-rolls. Never shake, No stem, No trim. Quality bud only!


Cheap ounces of good quality flower for the budget smoker. Highrollas thrives on repeat customers because, in the long-run, we save our customers a lot of money!


From bubble hash to shatter and from tinctures to vape pens, our concentrates will satisfy your curiosity about innovative cannabis products. These products are the future of marijuana; Will you be amongst the first to try them?


The world of edibles is in a category of its own. Highrollas offers delicious and potent gummy candies and another innovation: Sublingual strips.

Proudly Canadian

Support small businesses instead of government corporations! Highrollas is like a mom-and-pop shop in terms of dispensaries.

How to order weed online

1. Please register an account on our website. A valid ID is required to shop at Highrollas. You must be 19+ years old.
2. Browse our shop and add desired products to your cart.
3. Complete Checkout by following on-screen options and send your e-transfer as payment
4. Kick back and wait for the mailman to deliver your package straight to your door

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to provide cannabis to Canadians from the Pacific to the Atlantic. On a deeper level, we are part of a social revolution to free the cannabis culture from oppression and stigma. We want to be a supplier you can depend on rain, sleet, hail or snow. Highrollas is looking forward to you trying our stuff, and we hope you like it as much as we do!

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